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[sticky post] Read This First.

Some things for you to know before you proceed further.

1. If you're here for doujinshi, either the scanlation or RAW, you don't need to add me as a friend. Leaving a comment will be nice.
2. However, I'll friend-lock the entry of the doujinshi that require password.
3. And any other entries containing personal matter.
4. Please support the doujinka by buying the doujinshi if you can. And please do not share or re-upload the scans and the password elsewhere without my permission! Thanks!!
5. I'm not good with PS, so I don't do cleaning. But I buy, scan, translate and typeset the doujins mostly by myself, so please do not remove the watermark(?). Thanks!
6. I won't post as much because I'm more active in my Tumblr these days.
7. Please go here for my otp list, and you'll know what will post about. That being said, you won't find me talking about pairings I don't like in a positive way here.

Anyway, enjoy yourself!

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[Scanlation] KHR - Haco27 Sairoku Extra

Haco27 Sairoku Extra-tumblr_inline_mqz203o08u1qz4rgp.jpg
Fandom / Pairing : KHR / Hibari x Tsuna
Circle / Author : m.C7 / Midori Sheena
Rating : PG
Scanlation by AniManGa19930

Read it Here

[Scanlation] KHR - Throbbing


Title : Throbbing (From 1827 anthology “A bouquet for HibaTsuna”)
Fandom / Pairing : KHR / 1827
Rating : PG
Circle / Artist : CAOS / Katakuriko
Summary : Hibari confessed.
Scanlation by AniManGa19930

Read it Here

[Fanfiction] Of Vongola and Facebook (8/?)

Title : Of Vongola and Facebook

Fandom : Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Rating : T

Genre : Parody / Humor

Pairing(s) : Yamamoto Takeshi x Rokudo Mukuro.

Summary : Facebook finally has a new function.

Chapter(s) : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Extra - Part 1 | 8 | ? |

A/N : I don’t own KHR. Sorry, it is 12 years later verse. Haha, their adult-self is so fun~

Warning : Mukuro-abuse. Tsuna-abuse.

This stupid social network finally let me express my annoyance to you herbivorous’ comments.Collapse )

Title : All is in Behind the Scene

Fandom : Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Rating : T

Genre : Parody / Humor

Pairing(s) : 18 -> 27 - Hibari Kyoya -> Sawada Tsunayoshi

Summary : [A ‘what if’ situation in which KHR is a film]. In which 1827 is canon. Here comes the fanservice.

I don't own KHR.

The Sawada-actor was speechless when the other released him, smirking while kissing his cellphone, “thanks for the cooperation.”Collapse )

Apr. 28th, 2013

LJ...i'm pretty sure I have just posted an entry in these three months...

oh well...i'm not having you deleting my account so....I'll see what I can post. Probably some fics?


[Doujinshi] Marble by m.C7 (RAW)

Title : Marble
Circle : m.C7
Artist : Midori Sheena
Rating : PG
Pairing : 1827, 69->27, X->27
Language : Japanese

Download Link :

The file was named "Scramble" by mistake, but it should actually be "Marble" I'm sorry =p

Do not reupload or use it anywhere without asking me first. Thank you!

Title : Hibari VS Mukuro Tsuna Soudatsusen 27 Triangle #3

Fandom : Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairing : Hibari x Tsuna, Mukuro x Tsuna, Hibari x Tsuna x Mukuro

Rating : R18

Scanned by : me

Download Link :


Please do not reupload or use the scan anywhere without asking me first =)

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